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Aqua Oil Lamp

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Combine ocean motifs such sea shells with preserved flowers
to create an oil lamp which looks like an aquarium.

You can enjoy the lamp with or without fire. You will be learning how to make an oil lamp which is perfect to decorate
your room with. Just close the lid and enjoy as a herbarium which is so trendy now.

Light a fire and enjoy the glow of the oil lamp, which uses paraffin oil as fuel.

You can use your favourite glass bottle and place anything you like inside
to create your original oil lamp. It's very easy!

In this lesson, we will use materials that are perfect for summer
to create an oil lamp that is full of summery feel
and that brings a balmy breeze into your room.

◆Tips for positioning parts
◆How to use oil lamps
◆Variations in oil lamps

The video will go through points such as above, so that you can create an oil lamp
with a seasonal feel, however you like.

Once you master how to make oil lamps, you can use the skills to create other designs.

You can use only flowers,
or use seasonal materials to create all sorts of designs.

In summer, you can use sea shells that you collected during vacation to create an oil lamp that brings back your memory.
In autumn, you can use colored leaves or acorns to create an oil lamp that is full of autumn feel.

Learn how to make oil lamps and make ones
that will bring seasonal feel to your room♪
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