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Sea Shell Box Candle

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Cool down just by looking at it!
A lesson on the sea shell box candle made from gel wax, which gives us a feeling of looking into the ocean♪

In this lesson, we will teach you 2 gel candle designs; a summer style design
using real sea shells and sand,
and also a design using flower materials such as dryflowers.

We will teach the important points
while making 2 very different candles.

The steps are very easy,
but we will give many tips on how to make it prettier.

◆How to place the parts to make the finished design look nice
◆How to place the core to make a safe candle
◆How to make it by coloring the gel itself, or by using colored crushes.

like the above, there are many points to nicely making the candle.

If you master it once, you can freely arrange it.
Using combinations of shells, and a variety of colors,
you can enjoy making candles with a variety of moods.

You can make it in different colors and have them as an interior design,
or as a present to give in the summer♪

You can also collect seashells from your trip to the summer beach,
and make a candle with a lot of memories packed in it.

As explained in the lesson, you can use a bluish color to make a classic seashell candle,
or you can make use of the clear color of gel and create a somewhat elegant summer theme.

This moody seashell box candle, makes us feel the summer just by looking at it;
please give it a try.