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Suirenboku Bonsai

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Learn how to wire small branches and tips for flowering plants
while making Suirenboku(lavender star flower) bonsai.

This lesson will mainly teach you how to make bonsai trees to flower
and how to wire small branches.

It's so nice to see your bonsai tree that you made yourself to produce flowers.
Bonsai trees look so pretty when they have 1 or 2 flowers mixed among fresh green leaves.

Unfortunately, not all flowering bonsai trees can give flowers
and there are several reasons for that.

In this lesson, you will be learning the causes of bonsai not flowering,
and how to prune and wire bonsai trees so that they can produce beautiful flowers.

When you master the skills, you can enjoy making bonsai even more.

This video will mainly teach you;

◆Tips for wiring small branches
◆How to decide a front of a plant and how to control a flow
◆Tips for placing a bonsai plant in a pot

You will be learning skills such as above to create beautiful
Suirenboku bonsai.

Wiring and flowering techniques are very important in terms of
making various kinds of bonsai trees, so let's learn them with this video.

The basic wiring techniques can be applied to any shapes of branches
so you will be able to shape bonsai trees in a way that your imagination tells you.

Master the skills and enjoy making bonsai!

This lesson starts from where a bonsai pot is already prepared.
If you are a beginner and want to learn how to prepare a pot, try
""Preparing a pot /Bonsai tools""
, and then move up to the bamboo bonsai. "
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