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Making Rokkakudo-yanagi Bonsai

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This video will teach you wiring techniques while making
Rokkakudo-yanagi(babylon weeping willow) bonsai with ground-sweeping branches.

In this lesson, you will be learning wiring techniques which is one of the most complicated
techniques of all bonsai techniques.

Wiring is a method of bending trunks using wires.
When you master the skills, you can shape your bonsai trees however you like.

Wiring is an important process in order to make a beautiful bonsai tree.
Also, it is essential to make various bonsai shapes.

This video will teach you such complicated processes in a way that's easy to understand.
Through making yanagi bonsai, you will be thoroughly learning
how to bend or change positions of branches.

◆How to decide the thickness and length of wires
◆Tips for wiring 2 branches
◆Tps for wiring thin branches

You will be learning wiring techniques such as above from scratch.

Also, you will be learning how to prune
and how to decide a front of a bonsai tree.

Once you master the wiring techniques, you can apply the skills to other bonsai trees.

The basic wiring techniques can be applied to any shapes of branches
so you will be able to shape bonsai trees in a way that your imagination tells you.

Wiring may seem difficult, but you can learn it with this video and be proficient at wiring.

This lesson starts from where a bonsai pot is already prepared.
If you are a beginner and want to learn how to prepare a pot, try
""Preparing a pot /Bonsai tools""
, and then move up to the bamboo bonsai. "
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