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Prune Kiyohime Maple into a Fresh Bonsai

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Once the pot is ready, the full scale lesson starts.
Let's try making the fresh bonsai out of Kiyohime maple.

This lesson is for those who have experience in bonsai
"and for those who mastered the ""Preparing the Pot and
Introduction of the Bonsai Tools""."
We will give a lesson on how to make a bonsai with Kiyohime maple.

Kiyohime maple is one of the maples as it is named.
The features of Kiyohime maples are that they have smaller leaves than the regular maples, and its bark is a bit white.

In addition, it has thin branches spread over which makes it look like a broom when it's turned upside down,

With those features, bonsai made from Kiyohime maples is a plant that gives a fresh impression.
It is a bonsai that suits the various type of rooms as an interior.

In this lesson,

◯The basic process of making bonsai
◯How to adjust the leaves to have a good balance
◯How to take care of the bonsai depending on the season

will be explained. The key point of how to bring out the fresh impression
will be explained together as well.

This is a lesson for beginners,
so we will go through the basic of bonsai carefully
from after preparing the pot to completing the Kiyomhime maple.

We will give plenty of lectures on how to fix the leaves, take care of the roots,
give water, and how to care for the bonsai depending on its month.

If you have tried bonsai but not Kiyohime bonsai before,
please give it a try on this occasion.

If you are a beginner and haven't mastered the tools for bonsai and how to prepare the pot,
"you may learn them in the other lesson""Preparing the Pot and
Introduction of the Bonsai Tools""
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