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Embroidered Brooch with 2 Basic Stitches -French knot & Fly stitch-

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Comes with kohana*made original pattern template! (available after purchasing the lesson)

Try making a brooch with more intricate design!This lesson shows how to embroider a french knot and a fly stitch.

This lesson shows how to work the french knot and the fly stitch while making a brooch with a flower design.

The french knot is a textured stitch that can be used to make flower petals and polka dots.

The fly stitch is the kind of stitch very useful for making flower stemsand other interesting designs.

In this lesson kohana teaches how to make these two stitches,as well as various tips to make neat and even embroidery.

◯A tangle-free way of storing embroidery floss
◯Tips for working a more three-dimensional french knot
◯Points to remember for creating a balanced design

The lesson contains various other topics also.With kohana's detailed instruction,even beginners can master the techniques.

In addition to the two basic stitches,this lesson also shows tools required for making an embroidered brooch,and all the steps necessary for making the embroidered fabric into a brooch.

In just a single lesson,you will learn the A-Z of making a flower-designed embroidered brooch.

If you want to make cuteembroided brooches like kohana's, or even if you are not confident with working french knots and fly stitches,take this opportunity and give it a try.

Also learn different techniques from other tutorials,and try creating various designs of brooches!