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Embroidery Brooch with a Single Basic Stitch -Long & Short Stitch-

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Comes with kohana*made original pattern template! (available after purchasing the lesson)

A must lesson for embroidery beginners!Kohana explains the techniques of long and short stitch.

This lesson covers the techniques of long and short stitchthrough the production of embroidery brooches with tree designs.

Long and short stitchcomes in handy especially when you want to createdesigns with a small variation to fill the gaps.

In this lesson, the instructor covers not only the techniques of long and short stitchbut also tips and detailed points on embroidering neat designs:

◯How to prevent thread from getting tangled
◯Points to remember to make neat stitches
◯Types of thread used to produce interesting patterns
◯Points to be careful when using fabrics with patterns

The lesson covers the points listed above as well.

Beginners will have no problem keeping up with this lessonbecause the instructor gives detailed explanations.

In addition to the techniques of long and short stitch,Kohana introduces the equipment and the whole processnecessary for brooch production.

This lesson alone can let you mastercreating embroidery brooches using long and short stitch.

It is the perfect lesson for those who want to make pretty brooches like Kohana'sor are struggling with long and short stitch.

Practice the tips explained by Kohana,and master the techniques!
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