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Decoration 〜Advanced〜

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Watch this lesson after mastering the basics of cake decoration.
Learn some more advanced cake decoration techniques.

This advanced cake decoration lesson
will go through two different piping techniques.

By mastering the two piping techniques,
you will have a wider variation of cake decoration.

In the first part of the lesson, you will learn how to use a star piping tip to make the cake gorgeous.

Just by decorating the brim of the cake with whipped cream
in heart shapes, your cake will start to look splendid.

This piping technique will be useful in cakes for anniversaries and celebrations.

The second part of the lesson will walk you through a frill technique using a rose piping tip.
By layering the frills, it will become a decoration with a simple but big impact.

In this lesson, we will pipe 2 layers of frills, but by changing the amount that you pipe,
the impression of the cake drastically changes; this is the charm of the frill technique.

Once you've mastered the technique, you'll be able to apply it to many different decorations.
Combine the piping techniques, or combine it with various fruits
to give different impressions.

Please master and make your original cake decoration!

This lesson does not include how to make the whipped cream.
Learn how to make whipped cream in
"Decoration 〜Beginners〜"
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