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Decoration 〜Beginners〜

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Once you've mastered genoise, watch this lesson!
Learn the basic cake decoration techniques.

Once the sponge cake is ready, let's decorate it.

In today's lesson, as beginners class for decoration,
we will teach how to make whip cream and the basic piping technique.

Start from making whipped cream,
spread it thoroughly on to the sponge, and begin decorating!

In order to broaden your cake decoration techniques,
the steps to making whip cream and the basic piping technique is essential.

In today's lesson, while we teach the techniques, we will also teach

◆The type of whipped cream used
◆The key points and procedures to put cream on the entire sponge
◆The amount of cream for coating and for piping
◆The key points to piping neatly

We will explain slowly and clearly how to
make the simple strawberry sponge cake beautiful.

Master these basics and there's nothing to be afraid of!
Caking making will become very fun!

Cake making beginners or those who are not good with whip cream,
please try in Hatsumi's style and master the techniques.

If you haven't mastered how to make the sponge yet,
learn Hatsumi's sponge making
in the other lesson "genoise".

The lesson set "Cake Decoration Basics" offers you a chance to watch all three cake-making lessons!
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