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Cake making for beginners!
Learn how to make a basic genoise.

In today's lesson, Hatsumi who learned how to make a cake on her own
will give a lecture on how to make a genoise.

Through learning on her own and making many mistakes, she is capable of
teaching the key points and tricks to make the sponge batter.

Genoise is a kind of sponge that is used in strawberry sponge cakes.
In Japan, it's common to have butter in a cake sponge,
and sponges with butter is called genoise.

Same as the foundation of the cake,
a decoration cake needs a perfect foundation in order to make it beautiful.

In this lesson, how to make a perfect genoise
will be thoroughly instructed.

◆The sheet used when baking
◆The way to mix in in order to make a smooth sponge.
◆The one extra step to make the entire smoothness even.

Including the above, because it's simple,
the key points will be carefully explained.

In addition, the types of sugar to make it lightly sweetened
and the types of self-rising flour to make the sponge light will be taught.

In order to make the decoration cake beautiful,
the softness of the whipped cream and how to pipe it is important, but the sponge part is very important as well.

Making a perfect foundation
helps the decoration look aesthetically pleasing.

For those who want to try making your first proper cake at home,
or those who have tried making one in many different recipe,
please try mastering Hatsumi's style.

For those who want to learn how to do the decoration
as well, the lesson set
"Basic Cake Decoration" is recommended!
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