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Lowercase Letters Construction

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The next step to take after mastering the fundamentals!
Learn how to construct lowercase letters.

In this lesson, you will learn how to draw lowercase letters, from a to z.
James demonstrates writing letter by letter while teaching you all the important points you should keep in mind.

In the previous lesson, Beginners Practice for Letterform Construction, you practiced the basic strokes that produce every single word of the alphabet.
In this lesson, you will connect those strokes together in order to form letters.

Drawing basic strokes might not be that difficult.
However, you will learn from James tips that will help you connect the strokes and build letters.

You will learn how to make the best use of your pen tip,
how to connect the strokes,
and also how to go about adding flicks and sweeping curves.

James starts by teaching how to connect strokes that are often used in the alphabet,
and then he draws each letter, explaining the parts you should pay attention to when practicing.

This is a practical lesson where you will develop the skills you learned in the first lesson.

After you master making lowercase letters, it is time to challenge yourself and practice writing full words!

You will definitely see an improvement in the quality of your calligraphy
after you have practiced the basic strokes!

Check out also how to form uppercase letters.
This lesson Uppercase Letters Construction will set up for a range variety of artworks!
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