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Making Brooches with Letters Using 3 Basic Stitches

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Comes with kohana*made original pattern template! (available after purchasing the lesson)

Make pretty embroidery brooches using 3 basic techniques!
Learn how to embroider letters and widen the variety of your works!

This lesson teaches how to create pretty brooches with words
while describing 3 methods of embroidery.

The techniques will come in handy in various occasions once you master them.

It is possible to emphasize the originality of your embroidery brooches
by adding pictures and letters, or using them as motifs.

For example, you can create brooches in the form of initials
or embroider them with words as shown in the lesson.

In order to make such brooches, this tutorial covers 3 important techniques listed below.

Letters can be embroidered neatly
by choosing the appropriate technique according to the features of each letter.

◯Outline Stitch
◯Split Stitch
◯Chain Stitch

In the lesson, the instructor explains the key points
such as which technique to use for letters with or without curves.

Additionally, the tutorial covers in detail how to pull out thread without getting it tangled
and how to develop the embroidered letters into a complete brooch.

Acquire the 3 different stitches, and the possibilities are endless!
Simply changing the embroidery thread can make an impact on the product's impression.

Begin with the word "Sweet" introduced in the lesson,
then apply the techniques you learned to other letters and words.

It is possible to create large initials, reproduce your name,
or even surround the letters with flowers by combining the skills explained in other lessons.

The skills covered in this tutorial will surely widen the range of your works,
so take this opportunity to master them and make various products!
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