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Patchwork Nail

0542 square 01
0542 square 02
Express the patchwork on a nuance nail design!
The nuance nail design with many color arrangements will be delivered.

In today's lesson, Naomi Sano will teach
the patchwork nail that can be arranged according to the season.

Patchwork is a handcrafting technique, sewing together a lot of smaller pieces into one sheet of cloth.

There are many art pieces that have patchwork designs applied in nail designs,
but the one that Naomi will teach comes with the nuanced feelings she represents.

The colorful square shapes that express the patchwork
will give a fashionable and light impression when the nuance taste is added.

Use cool colors for summer, or deep colors for winter.
It is a design you want to include in your salon work.

While teaching how to make the patchwork nail,

◆How and where to place the patterns
◆How to make a consistent design
◆The one extra step to bring out the nuance

and other key points and tricks to making it perfect will be taught.

She will teach 2 versions today, the blue version and the pink version.
The techniques are mostly the same, but the pink version will have glitter in the design.

The key point is the timing to apply the glitter.

This time we will use blue and pink to teach, but the colors can be in any other colors.

It can be in any colors,
so use your customer's favorite color or a color that is suited for the season
and make use of it in your salon work!