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Shiny Mozaique Nail Art

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Nuance Art with impact that can be used all year long.
We will give a lesson on a glittering mosaic nail.

Today we will use shell sticker from Clou
to make a glittering nuance art.

Nuance art that shines is simple yet has a big impact.
It can be used as the main art or the second art.

In today's lesson, we will teach you how to make
a glittering mosaic nail that can be used in the versatile art.

◆The key points of how to make depth and making it shine
◆Tricks to combine different color shell sheet in a good balance
◆How to draw an outline with white and gold mixed color

and more will be taught in this lesson.

By learning the instructions and mastering the tricks,
nuance nail can be used as time shortening art.
It can be used in any seasons and is an essential design for salon work.

You can apply it to the whole nail as the main art,
or use it on the tip as second art to make it look like an invert french nail.

Today we will use calm colors like purple and brown,
but you can make it in any colors you like. The color variation is limitless.

You can make different types of glittering mosaic nail
by using different colors or shell sheets.

Use blue colors to make it refreshing, or use pink and beige
to make it feminine.

Please try it in different colors and shell sheet
and find your favorite look or a seasonal look!
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