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White Nuance Nail

0540 square 01
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This design is perfect for salon work which requires sleep.
This video will teach you how to create a gorgeous and elegant nuance nail.

You will learn how to create a white nuance nail in limited time.

This design is gorgeous but not too showy, so you can wear it casually
and use it as a main art by combining with another simple art.
In other words, it's perfect for your salon work!

The white nuance art is simple and can be worn by a wide range of people,
so it's a useful design to be incorporated into your salon work.

In this lesson you will learn processes and tips for creating the art.

◆Tips for applying a shell sheet
◆How to draw 2 types of white lines
◆How to create depth

Skills such as above are taught so that you can create a simple art which looks more complex than it is.

The video will teach you how to make white gradation in 2 steps.

Even if you can't draw it at once, you can learn how to create a gradation
through this video.

Once you master a gradation line
you can apply the skill to other art.

You will be using shell sheets in this lesson, and they are so useful.
Just cut them in various sizes to make a stock for your salon work.

The shell sheets come in various colors
so you can create the design in different colors.

In this lesson, we used white lines for the white nuance nail, but
you can pick a different color to layer.

Enjoy using different shell sheets and colors♪