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See Through Flower & Sub-art (Matching Designs)

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A detailed and elegant nail art!
We will give a lesson on the see-through flower♪

In this lesson, we will give you a lesson on the see-through flower,
which is very popular in Naomi Sano's real seminar.

Amongst the popular flower arts, this one does not excessively show off,
and without a doubt, it is indispensible in salon work.

Today's flower art has a bit of a loose feeling, but is detailed and elegant at the same time.
It is perfect for special occassions, and also for office nails.

◆How to pick the color
◆How to enclose the flower petals, to bring out delicacy
◆How to use stick parts as the flower core, and not have it come off easily

Centered on the above points, we will explain how to make it beautifully.

Furthermore, besides from the main art,
we will give a lesson on sub art that can be combined with the main art.

This design uses a special tecnique,
and it is perfect for those of you looking for a simple design with a twist.

This simpleness does not only go well with the see-through flower,
but with many other nail arts.

It is proposable to a wide variety of customers, so it will definitely succeed in salon work.

The see-through flower, and the sub art, both have infinitely many ways to arrange their color.

You can try it with you or your customer's favorite color,
or enjoy a color that matches the season.

Also, how to use the parts in the flower core
will be lectured by Naomi, but arranging it yourself is fine as well.

Please use various colors and parts,
and enjoy your own personal see-through flower♪
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