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Nuance Mirror & Shell Bijou

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Make use of mirror powder to turn it into a simple, but fancy art♪
We will give a lecture on the nuance mirror and the shell bijou, perfect for the hot season.

In this lesson, we will teach you how to make a nuance art perfect for the summer,
the nuance mirror art.

Additionally, we will lecture you on how to make the shell bijou,
which you can combine with the nuance mirror.

The mirror nail has become so common, I want to differentiate
from everyone else! Have you ever thought like this?

In this lesson, we will use mirror powder well to
complete an art that isn't too conspicuous.

①Nuance Mirror
◆An easy way to make the base art, which brings out a nuance feeling.
◆The way to use mirror powder to produce a moderate shine.
◆An extra effort to produce a sense of depth.

②Shell Biijou
◆How to paint the enclosing lines to bring out movement.
◆An extra effort to pain the enclosing lines cleanly
◆How to make the bijou plump.

centered on the above, we will explain in detail the steps to making the simple, yet fancy nuance arts.

You can make the nuance mirror with the color of your choice.
In the lesson we use a pinkish color,
but as long as you have the color gel, which is indispensible in salon work,
the color arrangments are infinite.

The shell sheet used in the shell bijou
come in a variety of colors, so the color arrangements are plenty.

So let's master this trendy art,
and go for the challenge with the color of your choice♪
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