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Marble Shell Art

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An easy gem stone art using shell sheets!
We will give a lesson on how to make a marble shell.

In this lesson, we give a lecture on the gem stone art,
using a shell sheet to be sold on 7/14 by a nail partner
supervised by Naomi Sano.

The kind of art where you put gem stones on the tip of the nail is trendy, but it seems complicated.
Have you ever had the impression that it is hard to make?

Naomi's method uses very simple steps,
so you can easily make this art, even though it looks elaborate.

In this lesson, we will lecture you on the easy steps to make this art, and

◯Tips on how to prevent the shell sheet from peeling off
◯How to make a white gradation to further bring out the gem stone style
◯How to use color to make it look fancy
◯How to make the silver line surrounding the gem stones nicely

like the above, we will explain ways to perfectly complete the art.

Furthermore, we will lecture ways to bring out movement in the lines,
and ways to make the art elaborate.

In the lesson we will be using fairly calm colors,
but you can freely arrange the colors.

The shell sheet we are using in this lesson,
are sold in many colors like pink, green, purple, and blue,
so pick one based on your favorite mood or color♪

Master this trendy fashionable nail, the marble shell art, and
use it in your salon work.
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