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STEP3 Perfect for a Gift! A Beckoning Cat of Fortune

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Once you master the basics, move on to step 3!
Let’s make a hand-made beckoning cat that invites good luck!

This lesson shows how to make 3D wool felt works
for those who have already mastered the basics.

Instructor Midori Hattori explains her original way of making 3D works
as she makes the beckoning cat.

In the beginner’s lesson, you learned how to make a round shape with useful tips by making a chick.
In the intermediate lesson, you made use of the tips you learned to make a hedgehog with arms and legs.

In this lesson, you will make a larger and professional 3D work, a beckoning cat.

What is important in this lesson is indeed its solidity.

Wool felt gets hardened when it‘s stuck by a needle, which causes a recess.

In this lesson, the instructor mainly explains how to
combine arms and legs for creating a solidity.
Also, she gives you some tips on a fine finish.

In addition, she explains:

♦︎ How to put designs on it
♦︎ An extra effort to make a fine surface
♦︎ The way of fixing eyes that can give a doll an elaborate impression.

She tells you how to make a cute 3D beckoning cat from scratch.

This time she makes a beckoning cat with a design made of brown and yellow,
but you can arrange it freely.

Go ahead and make one with your favorite design.

Since she uses a plain fluffy wool for her wool work
you can make it easily and quickly.

Once you get the hang of it, you can make a cute beckoning cat easily
so please master the way and make your original beckoning cat!
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