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STEP 1 Circles are the basis of everything! The basic chick

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Beginners at needle felting should start with this lesson!
This lesson is for those of you who want to easily start needle felting!

In this lesson, we will teach you the basics of needle felting by making
the chick, which can be easily made by everyone.

Needle felting is a handcraft where you harden wool by continuously stabbing it.
The more you stab the wool, the more it locks together, and hardens.

The extent of how firm you make the wool depends on the artist,
but Ms Hattori lectures on needle felting that has a rather soft finish.

Can you sense the soft, fluffiness of the work from its appearance?

Today's lesson is on making that kind of fluffy chick with a
nice mood.

While making the chick, we will lecture you on how to make the basic sphere shape,
which is fundamental in making a variety of animals.

It is very easy to make, so we recommend this lesson for those of you who are
beginners, or want to try it with your kids.

◯The principles of needle felting
◯The tools needed for needle felting
◯Tips on how to easily make a sphere shape
◯How to make eyes and mouths that can be applied to various other works

centered on the above points, we thoroughly explain how to
make a round, fluffy chick♪

If you're able to make a sphere, your range of artwork will increase dramatically.

For those of you who think needle felting might seem difficult...
please use this opportunity to give it a shot!

You can enjoy by changing the expression as well,
so make a lot of them and enjoy.
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