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Miniature Panda of Polymer Clay

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Once you've mastered the basics, it's time for you to start making animals!
Learn how to make a miniature panda using polymer clay!

In this lesson, you will learn how to create a panda from polymer clay.

Using the techniques from instructor Svetlana's other videos on creating miniature cakes and pies,
this advanced lesson will show you how to create animals.

Getting the correct shapes of each piece is vital to creating a realistic panda.

This lesson will walk you through the process of making each piece.
If you have troubles shaping or combining the pieces,
this is the lesson you've been looking for.

The face of the panda is made up of many small pieces,
and the lesson guides you on how to place them without deforming them.

Other tips instructed in this lesson include:

◆How to make the finer parts (eyes and pupils)
◆How to place the pupils so they won't jut out
◆How to create the texture of the fur

and many more. Svetlana teaches you how to make a cute panda from scratch.

The lesson can be tricky with lots of fine pieces,
but Svetlana makes sure it's perfect for beginners too.

New to polymer clay? Have no fears! Get ready to adopt a cute panda!

Once you've mastered it, try making them with different expressions!
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