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Miniature Cupcake of Polymer Clay

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Make a couple, and set them out on display!
Learn how to make a miniature cupcake with cute expressions.

In this lesson, instructor Svetlana guides you through the process of
making a smiling miniature cupcake.

Svetlana is known for her pop, pretty works
and her love of the color pink.

In this lesson, you will learn how to make a cupcake
with a design that Svetlana herself often applies to other works.

The techniques you will learn in this lesson
can be used for making many different kinds of cupcakes.

◆How to create textures that give a cute touch
◆How to prepare and apply the color spray to add a pop impression
◆How to place the different pieces to make a smiley face on the cupcake

These are some of the tips you will learn as Svetlana walks you through the process of
creating a cute miniature cupcake out of polymer clay.

This lesson features a white cupcake on pink cupcake paper.
You can make it in whatever color you want!

Each color combination gives very different impressions.

Try making lots of cupcakes in different shades of cupcake paper,
and line them up for display!

The pop vibe will definitely brighten up your room!

You can also make them without the faces and enjoy the realistic feel of the cupcakes.

Master the art of making the cute miniature cupcakes!
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