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Miniature Pie of Polymer Clay

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Realize the realistic browned colors and textures!
Lectures on how to make a cherry pie from polymer clay.

Today's lesson is about making a miniature pie using polymer clay.

Once mastered, you can make various kinds of pies with different contents.

She's thorough about making it realistic, in terms of the texture and the figure,
as well as the coloring which makes the miniature craft appetizing.

Svetlana's methodology is shown in and out in the lesson, including:

◆How to make the yummy browned color
◆How to realize the pie's unique features
◆How to texturize the jam content

She's going to show you all the techniques very generously.

The most difficult part in making a miniature pie
is the grid dough that comes at the top.

You should be wondering how to build the grid pattern
using the thinly cut pieces of the dough.

And this is why you can use this lesson.
Repeat it as many time as you need to master such complex processes!

A beautiful grid pattern makes the pie look all the tastier.
So let's not compromise and try this out.

You're still a beginner? No worries!

This lesson does not require polymer clay experiences.
Please give it a try.

We are going to make a cherry pie in this lesson,
but you can also use other "fruits", from blueberries to kiwis. Enjoy your way of miniature crafting!
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