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Garden Style Ver.

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A tutorial given by Yukiko Yamamoto from dining&style,
focusing on garden style table setting and tablescape.

In this lesson, Yukiko will teach you how to set and decorate a table
to suit summer and autumn parties.

Even if you are new to table setting, you will enjoy
setting the garden style table with the help of this tutorial.

Table setting refers to the way to organize a table with tableware, lighting, and plants
to welcome guests.

A beautifully harmonized table setting can be created
when the items on the table are balanced and well put together.

In this tutorial, Yukiko teaches the basics of table setting
while creating a garden style table.

◆What you need to know to set a stylish table
◆How to set up a tablecloth
◆How to fold napkins
◆Tips for setting a garden style table with harmony.

Tips such as above are included in the tutorial, and
they are easy-to-follow techniques even for beginners.

The tutorial also includes cooking lessons for dishes that match the theme of the table.

◯Salmon and salmon roe canapés / Salami canapés
◯Seafood cocktail
◯Rice cooked with beef and watercress
◯Spicy chicken
◯French fries with truffle salt
◯Ice cream with balsamic vinegar and strawberries

You can download a PDF file of Yukiko's original recipes
for the above dishes.

You might think that table setting is hard to tackle,
but once you learn the basics of table setting from Yukiko,
you will be able to enjoy setting a table more casually.

Master the techniques and try setting the garden style table on your own, or
use the basics to try setting different styles of tables.
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