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【Beginners to Intermediate】"Thank you" Stamp

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Try this video once you master the skills you learnt from the beginners' lesson,
and let's learn how to make the "thank you" stamp written in script letters.

In this lesson, you will learn how to carve "thank you" written in script letters to make a letter stamp.

In the previous lessons for beginners, you've learnt how to carve straight lines,
V-shaped lines, and short curved lines, through making "Hello" and "Pineapple" stamps.

In this lesson, instead of straight lines, we will use several types of curved lines to
create the "thank you" stamp written in script letters.

Also, we will learn to continuously carve thick lines and think lines in turn.

While trying to learn such skills to make a more complicated design, you will also learn;

◆The order of carving lines
◆The angle of blades while carving
◆Tips for carving beautifully

Through making this useful stamp that you can use for postcards and letters,
let's learn the skills that you can apply for making different letter eraser stamps.

When you purchase the video, you will be able to download
original patterns by tamswork sensei♪

You can download patterns such as a shell and a star,
as well as the pattern for "thank you".

Master the skills and try to make different designs yourself.

Another lesson video "Tips for carving" focuses on
how to carve an eraser beautifully depending on drawing lines.
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