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Swan Maiden's Robe

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Gorgeous art made with complex colors!
Learn the tricks that will help you finish the nail in a short amount of time!

In this lesson, you will learn how to make an ambiguous art,
which consists of beautiful overlapping colors and complex tones.

You can recommend this nail style to a wide range of clients, all year round.

The watercolor painting allows you to add layers of colors
without creating too much thickness in the nail.

Since it can be cured under a very short period of time,
you will be able to finish the whole process fast once you master the tricks.

It is definitely an art that can be useful for salon work.

One of the main focuses of this lesson is"balance".
You will learn the right steps to create a nice balance between the colors.

It might look as if the colors were randomly applied on top of each other.
But it is way more than that! There is an entire process to achieve balance.

Once you master how to apply the colors,
you will be able to create balance with any color you choose.

Your instructor, Lulu Liu, will also teach you:

◯How much water to use in the art.
◯How to spread the colors for movement.
◯Why you should use gold leaf.

.... and more! Lulu teaches you all the points to create a sophisticated nail design.

This Japanese-style art is also a perfect match for the New Year's Day.

You can also customize the nail art
with your favorite accessories and jewelry.

The combination of colors for this design is endless.
Here is an art that will surprise and delight you with each combination you create.

Use your imagination to come up with something unique.
Ask for your client's favorite colors or create seasonal designs! Challenge yourself and have fun!
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