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Monochrome Light

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A fancy nuance art which has an exquisite presence!
Learn how to create a design that isn't too showy using monotone colors.

In this lesson, learn Lulu's time-saving nuance art,
Monotone Light.

This design, which can be used as the main art or as sub-art,
is a simple art that you can freely choose the color and parts to go with it.

As the name suggests, white and black will be used.
Get a look that isn't too heavy by applying gel and keeping the design composed.

The natural blend of the white and black colors will give a unique pattern design.
Add your customer's favorite pieces and they will surely love it.

◆Gels to use to prevent bumpiness
◆The color and placement of the shell
◆A tip for getting a neat overall look

are some of the things that will be taught to create a perfect design.

Also, learn tips to get a better nuance look
and to neatly draw border lines.

Of course, the colors for this art can be arranged as well.

Use blue colors to get a fresh look, brown colors for a subtle look, and also try combining various colors.

Get a completely different look by changing the colors!

Also, you can create a different look by changing the placement of the colors,
so create a design that you like.
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