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Flow of Light

0513 square 01
0513 square 02
A very glittery and striking nail art
taught by the popular Taiwanese nail artist, Lulu!

In this lesson, learn how to create nail art that portrays streaming light,
which represents Lulu's style.

This design looks complicated and
you may wonder how it is done.

However, it is very easy to create once you master the techniques.
Learn the simple process that can be used in salon work.

Although the process is simple, there are many tips for the perfect finish.

◆How to overlap the colors to create an exquisite look
◆How to bring out the solidity
◆Tips for attaching the chain on the base of the nail
◆Tips for a natural looking finish

are some of the topics that will be discussed as you learn how to create the art that looks complicating.

Parts and foils are used after the base art is completed to make the design more gorgeous.
Get detailed tips, such as which foils to use
and how much to use to get a unique look.

There are also tips on how to save time, which will come in handy in salon work.

In this lesson, the blue base art is created using exquisite colors,
but the colors can be arranged.

Use black and white for a monotone finish,
or use bright colors to make the art stand out even more.

Once you learn the techniques, you can create your own design using your favorite parts
so please master it and use it for salon work!