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Open Your Own Salon! Promotion and Organization Seminar

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Sharing know-how amassed through 18 years of teaching classes in her home!
Why not become a happy teacher?

Learn the secrets behind the flower designs made by the popular Instagrammer who gained more than 10,000 followers within a year!

Watch the voluminous lesson exceeding 1 hour 20 minutes!
This is a recording of floral artist Sachiko Kageyama's seminar from February 2019.

You'll learn how Sachiko promotes and runs her classes and salons.

"My classes don't seem to attract students..."

"I've opened a salon all right, but it's nowhere near my ideal..."

"I want to perfect my techniques and open a salon of my own one day."

If you have these kinds of worries or dreams, this is the lesson to take.

Besides running her flower arrangement classes, Sachiko teaches seminars for teachers and produces exhibitions. Today, she will give a thorough lecture on useful know-how on attracting students and running classes.

◆Tips on opening a salon
◆The 3 most important aspects of attracting students
◆Clues on attracting people more efficiently
◆How to write a blog in Sachiko's style
◆What is needed for a more attractive salon or class

You will learn these and more tips, including everything from the basic attitudes needed for opening a salon to specific actions you can try in your home.

Learn the ways to effectively promote and professionally run your classes in this fun, one-of-a-kind, and easy-to-understand lesson.
It will solve problems that you may have in your daily operations.

This is a must-see for those of you thinking about opening a class,
as well as those of you who've already started.

Find clues for running your ideal classes and salons.
Don't miss Sachiko's lesson!
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