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A clean and casual impression
Teaching you on a popular and pretty 'font garden' using a big font♪

Today's lesson we will be making two difference art using a product that mayu sensei has produced
its a big font that will look stylish just by sticking

The pink gold font sticker was produced by pursuing girliness and the latest trend

By utilizing these elements, she's going to teach you this art that has a combination of girliness and popularity
in two different ways



How to make a trendy impression to perfectly suit the font sticker
Precautions to take when sticking the sticker
How to make the font blend beautifully

and more, she's going to teach you the techniques to not only make it simply pretty but crisp as well

She's going to be making it with a design that has a clear base with the combination of pink gold and a big font
that is not too flashy

Just by mastering how to stick the stickers you can apply these techniques in all differences kinds of base arts.

Not only that but mastering the techniques of base art and outlining
will widen the scope of your art

Challenge yourself to a big font nail, loaded with the latest trends.

Music in a Video: A Drive By Alone (Lorde Vs. Train) by Jeremy Turnbull


Learning in set Recommended♪
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