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It's simple but so stylish
A marble art lesson that is useful for making a summer art with an adult feel to it

Today's lesson we will be making the all year-round popular marble art mayu's way

Making a resort feel marble art with a combination of a neutral stylish tone and green
is perfect for people who like a tranquil atmosphere

You want to enjoy the summer but don't want a flash nail?
This art is perfect for you!

While teaching you how to make a marble pattern easily, she'll also teach you

The base setting to make a beautiful marble
How to make a calm tone with just a bit of effort

Centering these points, she'll be teaching you how to make a marbled pattern that can be used as main art
or simply a second art

We will be using a photo sticker that mayu sensei produced
but just by the base art itself can be very useful at salon work

Here is your chance to master the techniques of mayu's
way of making marble art and apply these skills to other arts

Also, the colors we will be using in the lesson are great but you can change them to your own taste

Other than just color arrangement, combine parts and use your favorite stickers
Let's make an original marble art with an adult feel together!

Music in a Video: A Drive By Alone (Lorde Vs. Train) by Jeremy Turnbull


Learning in set Recommended♪
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