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Loco: Relaxy

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Learning in set Recommended♪

mayu's newest design, demonstrated at the BWJ♪
We will give a lesson on palm tree art, using originally produced stickers.

In this lesson, we will give a lecture on a very trendy, resort-like art.

This design with a palm tree motif but doesn't stand out too much
will surely succeed at the salon, as a summer art for adults.

If you master it, you can arrange it in many different ways using the color of your choice♪

◆The amount of gel and brushwork when painting the design
◆How to paint a cool design
◆Bringing out a good mood by giving the palms texture
◆Points to be careful of when putting the sticker on

Focusing on the above points, we will explain how to make the print T-shirt like art
in detail.

In the lesson we make a pink colored Relaxy,
but using a blue color like this will result in an even more resort-like finish.

Using a green color will also result in a refreshing image.

We will also teach you how to prevent it from getting too flashy even when using bright colors,
so please take this lesson while imagining the color of your choice.

The base art easily becomes stylish by combing it with print stickers and photo stickers,
and it further gets prettier by adding decorations of your choice, like stones and studs♪

This art is useful even if you just master the base art,
so please master it and enjoy this adult, summer art.

Music in a Video: A Drive By Alone (Lorde Vs. Train) by Jeremy Turnbull


Learning in set Recommended♪
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