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Put flowers designs like they are cut from one-pieces on your nails!
Adult-cute flower art will be lectured.

In this lesson, adult-cute flower art patterns similar to dresses,
And how to draw them will be lectured by Riyo.

Flower art is popular for many age groups throughout the year.
We want to have a wide repertoire for salon works.

In this lesson what Riyo will be lecturing is a smooth navy base
and art of blooming elegant colorful flowers.

You can wear it in any season so this is a must have design in your salon!

In this lesson, as the off-a-dress-like flower pattern is lectured,

◆How to use the brush to easily draw elegant flowers
◆Tricks on how to paint it to achieve elegance
◆How to border the flowers to give them a sense of movement

Will be the main focuses.

How to use the brush to easily draw elegant flowers is a must-see.

The biggest characteristic of today's flower art is the wealthiness of the color arrangements.

This time it is made with adult-cute colors, but,
It can be made with colors you want and arranged freely.

Pastel colored flowers and leaves can be placed on a white base.
You can make the base and the flowers with blue-ish tones.
Different vibes can be achieved through colors of your choice.

Also, this design takes very little time, so it is very handy in salon work.

Master Riyo's adult-cute flower art that you can enjoy with different colors
and use it in salon work!