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Melting Stone

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This lesson is open only to students
who have taken 3 or more lessons from "My Lesson Room by Riyo"!

The lesson will be available if you take 3 or more of Riyo's lessons!

※The number of lessons included in the lesson sets are also counted.


Riyo's lecture on stone nail art!
She'll teach you how to make a "melting stone" that's so realistic!

This lesson lectures on Riyo's newest stone nail art,
which was very popular at the 2018 BWJ.

Stone nail art is one of the most classic nail designs in salon work.
Take this lesson and be able to create more intricate stone nail art, in addition to the traditional clear design.

The main feature of the rich-colored stone nail art introduced in this lesson
is its high level of details and realistic appearance.

Working on every small detail
will create a stone design with rich, thick feeling.

The key in this lesson is the layering of the colors.

You will learn which colors add nice sparkles and in what order they should be applied,
as well as where to place which color to achieve a realistic stone pattern,
and understand which colors can create realistic shades and appearance.

In addition, the below points are also taught in this lesson:

◆How to make the design look flowy
◆How to make the design look realistic
◆How to add the gold leaf

Riyo will give a lecture on
her own method of making the design look more real.

Reddish colors are being used in the lesson,
but melting stone can be made in various different colors.

You can give off a different look depending on which color you use.
It will definitely be one of the popular designs at your salon.

Take this opportunity to make various colors of melting stones
based on your clients' favorite colors and their personalities.
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