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Glass Carriage

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One of cocotte's most popular pieces!
We will learn how to make the glass carriage.

In this lesson, we will be learning step by step how to make the glass carriage.
All of the steps will be taught in detail so it can be made
even by those who have just started resin accesory crafting.

The glass carriage is one of the most popular pieces
by cocotte on her Instagram page.

You can stuff your favorite parts inside the glass dome
so you can customize the carriage to your liking once you have mastered the points in this lesson.

In this lesson, we will learn

◯How to hold the parts together straight
◯How to create a well-balanced piece
◯How to decorate it to make it even prettier

and other points in detail to create a very pretty glass carriage perfectly.

We will be making a glass carriage by stuffing pink heart-shaped Swarovski pieces in this lesson,
but you can add your touches once you master the techniques.

You can change the color of the heart-shaped Swarovski pieces as shown in this photo,
or use Swarovski pieces with different shapes and even use your favorite parts.

You can learn all of the parts and their model numbers necessary to build the glass carriage from this video,
so please watch this lesson video.

Please try building your own glass carriage stuffing
a lot of your favorite pretty parts.

※Any sale of items made using this lesson video is prohibited.
Please create items for personal use.
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