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Basics 1. 2 Types of Resin and Their Treatment

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About this video
A video for starting beginners
We will be learning how to use two-pack resin and UV resin.

In this lesson, resin accesory making beginners will learn
all of the basic points for using two types of resin.

The two types of resin that will be introduced in this video are

◯Two-Pack Resin
◯UV Resin

Two-pack resin is also known as epoxy resin, and is a resin
that is hardened by mixing epoxy resin and a hardener
at a specific ratio.

It is a resin that is usually used for larger accesories and
accesories that have thickness.

As many of you may know, UV resin refers to ultraviolet curing resin,
which is a resin that is hardened by shining an ultraviolet light.

There is no need to mix anything with this resin,
so making accesories with this is fairly simple.

As the popularity of crafting accesories and handmade pieces using resin rises,
haven't you ever wanted to make your own pieces?

Of course you can make your own pieces,
but you can't get started with just the necessary equipment and material.

Mishandling resin cacn lead to allergy symptoms, so you must
be very careful when crafting with resin.

In this lesson, we will learn the points to be noted before
you actually start to create accesories using the two types of resin.

This video's creator, cocotte, will carefully teach

◆the necessary equipment
◆the points to be noted during use
◆how to use the resin

while actually making pieces using the two types of resin.

This is a must-watch for those who want to start making resin accesories.

Please master the points that are taught in this lesson
and have fun creating your own resin accesories.
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