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Perfume Bottle

170226 perfume bottle square 01
170226 perfume bottle square 02
"Level: Beginner"
Let's increase variations of art with popular perfume bottle nails! Perfumed bottle nail invented by Professor Tanabe Saori is perfect for one point design and main art because it has a presence.♡

Looks like a fancy design, but the way to make it is surprisingly easy! If you can master the tricks, salon samples will be gorgeous as you can create a variety of perfume bottles. ♬

{From Prof. Saori Tanabe
Perfume bottle is popular art of BLC nail salon. It is an art that many people see now, but I often see poorly balanced works. Would you mind reviewing again? It will surely become more cute. Many questions at seminars and events,

◯How to bend a brooch
◯Placement points of parts
◯How to put perfume color
◯Top order of finishing

I'm lecturing these. When this is misplaced, the pretty cute art is getting fuzzy at once! Review the tricks and points and let's make cute bottle design.
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