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Resort Leaf

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A stylish nail art you should master for this summer!
The video will teach you how to make a cool and cute leaf art.

Today's lesson will be about teaching you resort leaf nail art
filled with a resort feel perfect for this summer.

When it comes to summer people think of resorts.
It's a season where nails with a resort feel are very popular

People who are troubled at what to incorporate for this year's salon work,
this is a must watch art.

It's not just a design with a resort feel,
it will be teaching you a lot on how to make it stylish.

Techniques for drawing leaves and flowers
Method to bring out the delicateness
Procedures to make it fashionable

It'll carefully explain to you mainly about these points
and how to make a stylish resort leaf with a summer feel.

Tips for how to bring out the subtleness using casual colors are must-learns.

Recommended for those who are not very good at detailed art.
It will be teaching you how to easily draw leaves and flowers.

By mastering the resort leaf, the arrangement possibility is endless.
You can make it by combining your favorite colors.

You can use this art for the entire nail, or just on a French lines
or on your foot.

Master how to draw resort leaves with a summer feel and delicateness
and apply them to your salon work.
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