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Sunset Beach

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Nail art for the summer by HIDEKAZU!
We will be learning "Sunset Beach", which is an art of a beach at sunset.

In this lesson, HIDEKAZU will be teaching
a cool and cute nail art for the summertime.

Summer is the perfect season for nail art,
and the art we will learn today is perfect for the summer, but not too flashy.

The ”Sunset Beach" art has a serene look which is perfect
for those who like mature summer art.

The biggest key to getting a beautiful finish is creating
a nice gradation to portray the sky during sunset.

Also, we will learn

◆How to create the base for the sunset
◆How to draw a border around the edges
◆How to position stickers

and much more to create the perfect sunset beach.

The theme for this nail art is the sunset, but you can
arrange it as you like once you master the procedures.

Try changing the colors that are used for the gradations in the sky,
or changing the balance of the colors to emphasize the sunset more.

Please try the "Sunset Beach" with you or your customer's
favorite colors and color distribution.

Learn how to draw the palm tree that is drawn over the gradation base
in this lesson, "Tie-dye Palm".

Use this lesson and the lesson above to master the mature summer nail art.