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【Beginner's Lesson】Cat Strap

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This video is for the beginners of needle felting.
Let's learn the basic skills♪

In this lesson, you will learn
tools and skills you need to know to start needle felting.

Needle felting is a craft where you use felting needles to harden wool to make things like felted animals.

Nowadays, you can buy wool in all sorts of colors from craft shops
so you can make many kinds of animals.

Also, you can easily buy wool felt from 100 yen shops
and this is one of the reasons why this craft is popular.

Since it is getting popular,
many of you might be interested in learning needle felting.

This lesson is for someone like you.
It will teach the basics of needle felting by creating a felted cat strap.

◆Tools you need for needle felting.
◆How to card and poke wool to attach
◆How to attach eyes, ears, and tail.

Skills such as above are taught in the lesson so you can learn all the basics you need to know to make a felted animal.

By learning how to make the cat strap, you will learn many skills
so that you can make your own felted animals with your favorite colors.

You can use colors of your pet cat too.
They make perfect gifts as well♪

This time we turn the felted cat into a strap, but you can make lots of felted cat
and simply decorate your room or entrance with them.

Enjoy however you like.

After learning the skills from this lesson, you can try the intermediate lesson. 中級編

Learn bit by bit and create a cute felted animal to a realistic felted animal.
You can endlessly enjoy the variations using the skills you learnt from the videos♪
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