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High Bun Hairstyle

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A must-watch bun style for women with long hair!
In this lesson, learn how to make a high bun hairstyle with a casual look.

In this lesson, learn how to make a bun
in a higher position that has a perfect loose and casual look.

The bun, which is a very popular type of hair arrange,
is not only cute but is a simple way to gather your hair.

It is a very popular hairstyle because of its cuteness and easiness.

You can get various looks with the bun hairstyle depending on the height of the bun.

Making it low will give a mature look,
and making it high will give a more casual look and give a cute impression.

In this lesson, learn how to make a bun in a high position
that has the perfect casual look and can even be used on your days off.

◆How to arrange the hair to get an elaborate look.
◆Tips to hold the bun in place firmly.
◆Tips to bring out a loose look

are some of the things that will be discussed to help you make the perfect cute bun.

The steps to make the bun hairstyle by Nozawa are rather complicated,
but these multiple layers of steps create a bun that is held together tightly and doesn't move easily.

Nobody wants their perfect hairstyle to come undone.

Learn how to make the perfect bun in this lesson.

You can also add hair accessories to get a different look.
Choose decorations depending on the season or your fashion and enjoy the high bun hairstyle!
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