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Bundled hair, suited for kimono

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Useful for festivals and school entrance ceremonies!
We will give a lesson on bundled hairdo, suited for the Japanese kimono.

Today's lecture is on bundled hair perfect for kimono, which has an elegant and calm impression.

Simple is best for kimono hairdo, so
we want to master the process and finish it perfectly.

Today's hair styling is simple and neatly done,
so if you don't have the important points covered, it will be shadowed by the brilliant kimono and leave a seedy looking impression around the face.

If you're going to wear kimono anyways, of course you would want to do your hair nicely, and make it match the kimono.

In today's lesson we will introduce easy steps to a fancy finish.
Even beginners a hairstyling can learn this as well, so please don't hesitate to try it out.

◆Tips to give off a calm impression
◆How to use a hairpin
◆How to create an effortless impression

Centered on the above points, we will teach you everything you need
for an adult-like finish.

Kimono and yukata are worn through the year, at the coming-of-age ceremony, school entrance ceremony, and summer festivals.

By mastering this, you won't have to reserve the hair salon every time you wear kimono.

Also, today's hairstyling can be used for any type of kimono
by changing the color of the hairpin.

Please prepare several hairpins that match the color of your kimono.
The simple, bundled hairdo will blend nicely with your kimono.

Master the technique, and use this bundle hairdo on a special day!
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