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Casual Ponytail

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You'll treasure it for everyday use!
Going to lecture you about ponytails with a casual atmosphere

Today's lesson is about teaching you how to make a pony tail
that has an effortless feel with a casual taste

The classic ponytail arrangement can be done in many ways
but today Nozawa Takuma sensei is going to teach you a casual pony tail with an mature feel.

This elegant ponytail, while having a loose feel,
can blend in with any fashion that suits your taste

Since it gives a gentle impression on the finish without too much of the casual feel
it's compatibility with any fashion style and special occasioned fashion style is outstanding

Today, to make this kind of feel of a pony tail, he'll be teaching you

◆How to make the base for an elegant hair arrangement
◆How to bring out a loose feel on the hair
◆How to roll a pony tail that's not too girly

and more. He will give you tons of lectures on how to make a pony tail
that has not only elegance but a bit of casualness

The steps are so simple
It's an hair arrangement recommended for even beginners

It's a simple pony tail that's very stylish and will be a hit for a wide range of ages
It's a hair arrangement that is/should be treasured at the hair salon

Challenge yourself to a ponytail with a casual taste

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