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Domyoji (Snow Hare)

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Challenge yourself to a genuine handmade japanese sweet
Going to teach you on how to make a white hare shaped japanese sweet using "domyoji powder".

In today's lesson, Toru is going to lecture on how to make "domyoji", a kind of japanese sweet,
while also teaching you on how to make a white hare

"Domyoji " is steamed "domyoji powder" that's mashed and wrapped with filling
"Domyoji powder" is steamed then dried glutinous rice .

It is said to be originated from "Domyoji Temple" in Fujidera City, Osaka as preserved food.

"Domyoji powder" turns into powder when dried in sunlight.
After it's dried it's separated into 5 catergories. Whole, 2 splits, 3 splits, 4 splits and 5 splits.
We use each one of them for different situations.

"Sakura Mochi" which is often seen in spring, is a kind of japanese sweet that's made from "domyoji".

In today's lesson, he'll be teaching you

◯How to use "domyoji powder"
◯How to make "Yokan" for the eyes and ears
◯The technique for wrapping the filling

Centering these 3, he will lecture on how to make a white hare.

White hare is a design that's been used for many kinds of japanese sweets.
But for today, we will be using "domyoji" and "yokan".

He's also going to teach you how to handle a "yokan"
as well as how to make a piping bag when piping the eyes and making "yokan" to die cutt etc,

By mastering how to use "domyoji" and the techniques of filling wrapping,
you will be able to make "sakura mochi" as well

Also, the making and techniques related to "yokan" can be applied to another japanese sweets.

He will give careful explanation so that even beginners will be able to make white hare using "domyoji".

Master the art of making real japanese sweets from Tsuchie sensei
and challenge yourself to making "domyoji".
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