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Nerikiri Large Pink

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A basic lesson for Japanese Sweets.
Lean how to make "nerikiri" so you can use the skill to make other sweets.

The video will teach you how to make a Large Pink from scratch
to learn basics of Japanese sweets making.

◆How to make "nerikiri"
◆How to color "nerikiri"
◆How to shape and pattern

It'll teach basic skills that can be used in
making all other Japanese sweets.

The pink(dianthus) we are making is also called "Yamato Nadeshiko".
It'll give flowers 4-5cm in size, having 5 petals, in May till August.

The tips of the flowers have ridges. They are sweet and elegant flowers.

Keep the image of the flowers in mind and
apply the elegance to the sweets.

It's thoroughly teach how to make 5 petals and how to make the ridges.

The video will feature the basic skills for Japanese sweets making.

If you master "nerikiri", you can make variety of Japanese sweets.

Other than how to make "nerikiri", it will teach how to make balls with bean paste,
which is a usuful skills to have when you make other Japanese sweets.

This video is perfect for those who think Japanese sweets are too hard to make.
It will go through the basic skills thoroughly.

Master "nerikiri" and try to make it on your own.

When you get used to it, use the learnt skills to make other Japanse sweets.
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