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spray rose

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Let's depict a rose with gel!
It's a rose art with a sense of depth like the one made by an airbrush

This video will teach you how to create "Spray Rose", which is one of the most popular art by Mayu.
Even though it has a delicate look as if it was made by an airbrush, actually it is made only by gels.

The art with a rose motif is a steady seller and it has been loved by various kinds of people.
Also, the reason why it is popular in salon work is that it can be used whenever regardless of the season.

Roses usually give you an elegant impression
and that is why people often think of nail art with roses
pure and clean.

Mayu teaches a new style of rose art. Her "spray rose" still holds a sense of elegance
but also has a casual and relaxed feel as well.

The most important point for making such atmosphere is a color filter.
By adding a little extra effort, you can create the mature art that is not too fancy.

In addition to that, you will learn;

◆The things you need to pay attention to when placing a rose.
◆How to create a shade of color
◆How to create a good balance

etc, she will carefully deliver the lecture on points needed to make it pretty.

Furthermore, this time she is going to demonstrate how to apply the art on two kinds of the nail, long and short nail, at the same time.

During the salon work, you need to apply art to various kinds of nails.

The color and the composition are very crucial to create Spray Rose.
Including how to make use of Spray Rose best according to the sizes of customers,
she's going to explain thoroughly.

Rose is a seasonless flower, so you can use it anytime of the year, in addition to summer and spring.
Master the skills and try to make it with various colors.

Music in this Video: A Drive By Alone (Lorde Vs. Train) by Jeremy Turnbull