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Handmade Crystals

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Make it one and only in the world!
A set of crystal parts now in the vogue♪

This lesson lectures how to make original crystal parts.

We are going to make three types of crystals:
White crystals that can go perfect with any kind of crystal, pastel blue ones, and vivid blue ones.

・How to make matte/polish crystals
・Time-saving method and No-compromise method
・Points to make them more realistic

are some of the many lecture topics, as well as how to shape figures and each color's characteristics.

Your only set of handmade crystal parts
will surely be a pleasure for your customers.

Also, the latter half of the lesson teaches you
how to make your own original films that well match the crystals.

Check out her thorough explanations of how she actually
balances the crystal parts on nails along with other parts!

The quite large crystals are useful items that can be crafted in advance.
Make them with colors you like, enjoy the world of quartz♪