Piping Flowers Course 1

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Buttercream colored nicely, so let's do the fun part♪
This time we're going to pipe 6 types of flowers.

Flower Piping Course 1

In the first lesson of the course, we're going to practice...

① Basic Rose

② Mini Rose (twosome)

③ Apple Blossom

④ Daisy

⑤ Chrysanthemum

⑥ Mini Chrysanthemum

these six in total.

Basic Rose and Mini Rose are standard flowers and definitely a must-learn.
Apple Blossom, Daisy, and Chrysanthemum have more for specific roles to play.

You might find it difficult at first, but Kim's explanation will eventually sink in for sure.
Let's practice, and please watch out for your tip of the bag♪
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