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How to Color Buttercream

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Buttercream's ready? Now let's move on!
Time to learn how to color it as you wish♪

In this lesson, your lecturer Kim
teaches you how to realize 29 different colors.

No, this is not what it's supposed to look...
How could I possibly make the nice color...

Worry no more. This lesson is your answer.

Once you master the 29 colors in the lesson, then this is it. Now you can make any color you can imagine by applying the techniques.

Obviously, beautiful flowers cannot be piped with a random mixture of colors.

You need to be aware how and when to add in accent colors to make a graceful tinge.

After mastering how to make buttercream, get ready steady by this lesson, to make your ideal flowers bloom.

Kim's methodology of buttercream making is introduced in another lesson,
How to Make Buttercream
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