Advanced -Realistic Characters-

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After mastering beginner and intermediate level、finally move on to advanced level!
The video is going to teach you the tips and tricks in drawing a real person.

The time has come to challenge the advanced level.
This lesson will apply the knowledge learned from the beginner and intermediate level.

Being able to draw a real person can expand the range of your artwork

The video is going to teach you everything from drawing the framework to coloring and finishing,
so for those of you who want to draw like NAPPY sensei
then this lesson is a must watch.

While lecturing you how to draw a delicate and effortless illustration just like NAPPY Sensei,
The video is also going to teach you

Tips to draw realistically
Techniques to draw an expression
Tips and techniques to applying color to certain parts

It will be lecturing you mainly these 3

For those who want to color to give it a unique effortless style then this is a must watch
The coloring will be the key point to give it a soft atmosphere impression.

After learning how to draw a real person,
practice by drawing the same illustration from the lesson

After you are able to draw perfectly
then move on to changing the expression, or the clothes

or drawing the beginner level illustration together
or adding the intermediate level character

Color however you like and enjoy

"For those of you who are new to illustration, try this lesson first.

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